240 people arrested in Holland for resisting curfew and burning new crown Test Center

240 people arrested in Holland for resisting curfew and burning new crown Test Center

● a testing center in the Netherlands was burned down by protestors. Agence France Presse

The novel coronavirus pneumonia in Holland has nearly 950 thousand confirmed cases, and more than 13 thousand people died. In order to strengthen epidemic prevention, the authorities issued a curfew of 9 late Saturday from 4:30 last week, the first time since the Second World War. However, the strict anti epidemic measures immediately aroused public dissatisfaction. Large scale anti epidemic demonstrations broke out in many cities in the Netherlands the day before yesterday, which turned into violent conflicts. Moreover, the detection center was set on fire. The police sent tear gas and water cannon trucks to disperse the crowd, and more than 240 people were arrested. Dutch Prime Minister Ruud condemned the incident as a riot and will deal with it seriously.

The Dutch government has sent riot police to at least 10 cities and towns, and some cities even need to send out gendarmes for support. Among them, in Amsterdam, the capital city, the day before yesterday afternoon, a large number of protestors gathered in the city center. Some protestors threw stones and fireworks at police officers, set fire to cars, and even shot knives at police officers. Police deployed pepper spray, dispatched police officers and water cannon to disperse the crowd and arrested at least 200 people.

Anti immigrant organizations take advantage of the opportunity

In the southern city of Eindhoven, members of the anti immigration organization “pegida” mingled with the protestors, smashing shops, stones, throwing bicycles and burning debris in the central square near the railway station, resulting in the suspension of train service to and from Eindhoven. Local police arrested at least 55 people. A woman who did not participate in the demonstration was injured by the horse of the mounted police and needed medical treatment.

There was also a demonstration on Saturday in the village of jurke in the northeast of the Netherlands. Several youths violated the curfew and set fire to a new coronavirus testing center. Health minister Dejon strongly condemned the act of arson as unacceptable.

Schools and non essential businesses in the Netherlands have been closed since mid December last year. Bars and restaurants were ordered to close in October. The Dutch Parliament passed a curfew last week on concerns that the British mutant virus might cause a new wave of infection. During the two-day demonstration over the weekend, more than 3600 people were accused of violating the curfew and fined 95 euros (about 896.5 Hong Kong dollars) each.

Luther yesterday denounced the rioters, describing them as violent crimes rather than demonstrations. The Dutch police union also said that the level of violence in demonstrations in recent days was unprecedented in 40 years, and warned that there would be more similar anti epidemic demonstrations in the future.

Denmark Spain simultaneous bomb demonstration

In addition, in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, the radical demonstration organization “African Danes” painted the words “must kill her” on the neck of the statue of prime minister Frederickson, and set the statue on fire to oppose the epidemic prevention measures introduced by the local government. Local police confirmed that five people were arrested during the demonstration. Anti epidemic demonstrations broke out in Spain last weekend.


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