Novel coronavirus pneumonia may continue to spread for a long time.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia Michael, &middot, Ruian Health Council, who is holding a new conference on the new crown pneumonia, is held in January 25th. The new crown pneumonia is likely to last for a long time unless people comply with the epidemic prevention requirements and the vaccine coverage reaches the required standard. The novel coronavirus pneumonia will continue to spread if the vaccine coverage of young people is lagging behind.

Michael Ryan stressed that smallpox is the only disease eliminated in the world, and people are trying to eliminate polio and measles. Neither vaccine nor people’s will can guarantee the successful elimination of these diseases. Therefore, we should not take the elimination of new coronavirus as the standard of success. The standard of success should be to reduce the ability of new coronavirus to cause death, hospitalization and economic losses. We must be able to control the virus and minimize the damage caused by it.

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