Fudge: the main lesson of American anti epidemic is division and politicization

Tony, &middot, Changan, USA, National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases, 25, said splitting and politicizing is the main lesson for the United States to fight COVID-19. He also spoke positively of the role of who in the global fight against the epidemic.

The 25th is the first day of the “Davos agenda” dialogue held online by the world economic forum. Speaking at the dialogue, Fudge said that when the country is obviously divided, it becomes extremely difficult to solve the public health crisis. When public health issues are political, such as whether to wear masks or not, it will bring great damage to the response to public health events.

Fudge said that under the U.S. federal system, the states have different ways to deal with the epidemic, and the federal government should coordinate the States to take action. However, for most of the past year, the federal government has not done so, and the states have been fighting on their own to give the virus an opportunity.

Referring to the recent decision of the United States to stop withdrawing from the who, Fudge said that international organizations such as the who are crucial to dealing with public health risks. To ensure global health security, all countries need communication, cooperation and solidarity, otherwise human beings will not be ready for the next crisis.

The “Davos agenda” dialogue was held online from the 25th to 29th of the world economic forum. More than 1500 leaders of political, business and social organizations in more than 70 countries and regions around the world will focus on “ grasp the key year, rebuild the trust &rdquo of all parties; analyze the multiple challenges faced by COVID-19 under the global environment, and seek a good recipe for cooperative epidemic prevention and economic recovery.

According to the data released by who on the 25th, there are 98794942 confirmed cases and 2124193 deaths worldwide. The United States is the country with the largest number of confirmed cases and deaths in the world. At present, there are 24775208 confirmed cases and 414083 deaths.


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