Big market: Internet and other sectors are under great pressure, and resources and domestic demand consumer stocks should be deployed in the long term

The Hang Seng Index closed at 29391 points, down 767 points, while the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00388, HK), Tencent (00700, HK) and Geely (00175, HK) closed at 29391 points, down 767 points Chen Weicong, director of Research Department of smart Yingli securities, pointed out that in the past period of time, the heated market speculation has made the stock prices of new energy, automobile consumption, Internet and other sectors rise to a serious oversold level. Chen Weicong pointed out that there is great pressure for the correction of such stocks in the short term, and suggested that investors holding such stocks with higher valuation should leave the market in time.

Chen Weicong also pointed out that the automobile, domestic consumption and resources sectors can be deployed in the long term, but in the short term, these shares have the opportunity to have a technical correction. He believes that investors can wait for the stock price to recover 10-20%.


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