New shares: fast hand offering

Fast hand Technology (01024, HK) launched its IPO on the 26th, with an offer price ranging from 105 yuan to 115 yuan, and an admission fee of 11615.89 yuan for 100 shares. On the first day of the IPO, the market responded enthusiastically, not only the financing amount of securities companies was “second killed”, but also the concept stocks related to fast hand technology were also rising. On the same day, micro invasive Xintong Medical Co., Ltd. launched its IPO (02160, HK) was also popular among investors, attracting more than $10 billion in margin subscription on the first day of the offering.

Chen Weicong, director of Research Department of smart Yingli securities, said that in the current market environment, it is a good investment choice to cash out in time and invest in the high-quality new stock market.

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