Drinking is fine, but remember the following 3 sentences before drinking, your liver can feel better!

Happiness is always accompanied by generous people, wealth is always accompanied by honest people, wisdom is always accompanied by noble people, charm is always accompanied by humorous people, and health is always accompanied by open-minded people. I will often share some health tips and be with everyone. Walking on the road to health.

When visiting relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, drinking alcohol is inevitable. We all know that drinking is not good for our health, especially our liver health. It will increase your risk of fatty liver, alcoholic liver, and even liver cancer. But in some cases, you have to drink, so for those who drink, if you want to reduce the damage to the liver, you need to master some drinking skills. People who drink often can not stop drinking, but before drinking, you have to keep these three words in mind!

Drinking is fine, but remember these three words before drinking, your liver will feel better!

  1. Beer cannot be drunk with liquor

In winter, most people prefer to drink white wine, but some people think that drinking white wine is easy to get drunk, so they choose to drink beer, while others drink white wine and beer. In fact, when strong beer is together, it is easier for alcohol to penetrate into the blood circulation and organs, which will increase the damage to each organ, especially the liver. Drinking strong beer in combination will make people more likely to get drunk.

Second, obese people should drink less beer

Beer is high in calories, so men often drink beer and often have a long belly. Therefore, for obese people, they should drink less beer, which can easily lead to excessive accumulation of body fat, which can lead to disease problems such as high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, and even liver cancer. Therefore, obese people want to reduce the burden on the liver and drink as little beer as possible.

  1. When eating seafood, you can’t drink beer

Many people like to eat seafood and drink beer. In fact, this is not the best combination. This combination will increase the damage to the liver. This is because drinking beer while eating seafood can easily cause metabolic disorders in the human body, increase uric acid, and increase alcohol damage to the liver. So it is best not to drink beer when eating seafood.


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