Us and Russia reach consensus on extending Strategic Arms Reduction

U.S. President Biden made his first phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 26th after taking office. The Kremlin made it clear that Putin and Biden were satisfied with Russia and the United States’ agreement on extending the new START treaty, which expires on the 5th of next month, and the exchange of diplomatic photos. Both sides will complete all necessary procedures in the near future to ensure the further operation of the treaty Make.

Us and Russia reach consensus on extending Strategic Arms Reduction Biden spoke to Putin for the first time yesterday after taking office. (AP)

White House spokesman pasaki said that Biden and Putin not only talked about the five-year extension of the new strategic arms reduction treaty, but also showed that the United States strongly supports Ukraine’s defense of sovereignty in the face of Russian invasion. Biden also expressed concern about Russian hackers attacking solarwinds, a network management software company, and reports that Russia offered rewards to Taliban in order to kill the United States in Afghanistan The army.

In addition, Biden also talked with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg by telephone, reiterating that the United States will abide by NATO’s Article V commitment on collective defense.

Editor in charge: Pan Ruoshui


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