More than half of Republican senators oppose impeachment of trump

U.S. senators took the oath on Tuesday to be the jurors of Trump’s second impeachment hearing. However, most Republican members expressed their support for declaring the impeachment hearing unconstitutional in a vote, reflecting Trump’s “sedition” charges. They are unlikely to be convicted in the impeachment hearing.

Most Republican senators oppose impeachment, making it difficult to convict trump. (AP)

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, a Republican, moved on Tuesday to declare the impeachment hearing unconstitutional. The motion was rejected by 55 votes against and 45 votes in favor of the motion, which means that the impeachment hearing will be held on the 8th of next month as originally planned.

There are 100 seats in the U.S. Federal Senate, which requires an absolute majority of at least two-thirds before trump can be convicted in the impeachment hearing. In the current situation where the democratic and Republican parties in the Senate each have 50 seats, at least 17 Republicans must defecte before trump can be convicted. Therefore, it is believed that trump has little chance of being convicted in the impeachment hearing.

Editor in charge: Pan Ruoshui


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