More than 20000 cases of curfews in France

More than 22000 confirmed cases of new coronal pneumonia have been added nationwide, the fourth day in a row, and 612 new coronal pneumonia cases have died. 27000 people are still hospitalized, an 8-week high, the French Health Department said on the 26th local time. A curfew is being implemented in France to slow down the spread of the variant virus.

More than 20000 cases of curfews in France more than 22000 confirmed cases in France. (AP)

In addition, university students and teachers have demonstrated or gone on strike in many cities in France, demanding more support from the government, including anti epidemic measures for schools, and paying attention to the emotional problems caused by the isolation of young people from friends or job opportunities due to the epidemic. President macarone will hold a cabinet meeting on Wednesday to discuss the latest development of the epidemic.

Editor in charge: Pan Ruoshui


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