Tokyo to extend emergency declaration

Japan’s Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced today (27th) that 973 new confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia were reported in Tokyo. Among the infected cases on that day, 520 were male and 453 were female; 217 were high-risk people over 65 years old. So far, the cumulative number of cases in Tokyo Metropolitan Government has increased to 96507, with 159 critically ill patients.

Tokyo to extend emergency declaration new 973 confirmed cases of pneumonia in Tokyo today. (AP data)

According to Kyodo news agency, both the Japanese government and the ruling party believe that the extension of the new coronavirus emergency declaration due on February 7 is inevitable, and they generally agree to extend it to the end of February. Next week, the Japanese government will listen to experts’ opinions, analyze the epidemic situation and hospital bed tension in the 11 prefectures that issued the emergency declaration, and then discuss the target areas and duration of the extension.

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