China’s investment projects in PNG have been criticized by Australia. PNG official: we will not waver!

[Global Times reporter & nbsp; Zhao Juexin] for several months, the Australian side has been “bitter” about Chinese enterprises’ investment in the construction of the “comprehensive multi-functional Fishery Industrial Park” project in the Pacific island country of Papua New Guinea. Some politicians and the media have played up the project as “military use”, and this “provocative” behavior has also aroused dissatisfaction from the PNG side. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) 26 Daily reported that Toboy avi YOTO, governor of the western province of PNG where the project is located, recently publicly criticized Australia’s response to the project, saying that the latter “only wants us to be self-sufficient farmers and fishermen”.

“We will not waver,” yotor said on his Facebook page on the 24th. “As expected, Australia’s interest in the western province is growing after signing the memorandum of understanding with China on the Daru Island Fisheries Industrial Park.” In November last year, Fujian Zhonghong fishery Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum with the local government to invest in the construction of the “comprehensive multi-functional Fishery Industrial Park” project in Daxin Daru island. Subsequently, Australian politicians and media began to play up the threat of the project to the “national strategic interests” of the country, saying that Daru city is about 200 kilometers away from Australia, with an important strategic position and a value of 200 million US dollars The investment will have a huge impact on this place.

YOTO revealed that Australian officials arrived in Daru this month to meet with local government officials to discuss the project of “integrated multifunctional Fishery Industrial Park”. ABC said the officials were diplomats from the Australian High Commissioner’s office in Papua New Guinea, and they also met with YOTO. Yotor said he had hoped to tell Australian representatives why they had been promoting FDI into the western province, but “as usual, they could not come up with any other plan to deal with and prevent any FDI, especially in poverty alleviation and social service improvement.”. “Unfortunately, all they want is for us to maintain the status quo and become self-sufficient farmers and fishermen.” YOTO criticized.

YOTO also praised the project for allowing PNG to explore opportunities related to Chinese investment projects. In response to the meeting with Australian personnel, yotor said, “we have never reached any consensus.” “However, the reliable information I got is that there are reports in Australia that we (and the Australian side) had a fruitful meeting in Daru Island, but it is not the case.” YOTO said he “realized that the Australians were behind me, telling my people not to support any foreign direct investment.”.

Australia, which regards the South Pacific countries as its “backyard”, has always been on high alert for the cooperation between China and these countries, and has often made a fuss about it and hyped up the “China Threat Theory”. China Australia relations have been deteriorating in recent years. The Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs has repeatedly said that some people in Australia stick to the Cold War mentality and ideological prejudice, regard China’s development as a threat, and make a series of wrong words and deeds related to China, which is the fundamental reason for the sharp decline of China Australia relations and the difficult situation.


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