There are so many preoperative examinations for myopia surgery, can you do less?

Seeing more and more four-eyes surgery to be beautiful, and then looking at the degree of their touching glasses, many friends are crazy about myopia surgery, especially when they learn more about the short and quick recovery of myopia surgery. After the characteristics.

But when everyone actually comes to the hospital for preoperative examination, they will find that the preoperative examination for myopia surgery is particularly “long” compared with the operation time as short as ten minutes. Some people can’t help asking, can we do less with so many preoperative inspections?

The hospital reminded that the contents of preoperative examinations are not superfluous. Each item has its unique meaning. You must know that only through them can doctors accurately control the patient’s eye conditions and evaluate the postoperative effects.

What examinations are required before myopia surgery?

  1. Visual acuity-checking far and near vision is very important before myopia surgery. Only by confirming the visual acuity can we achieve better correction.
  2. Fundus-Under dilated pupils, better understand whether the vitreous, retina, optic papilla, and macular area are normal and whether there is any disease.
  3. Intraocular pressure-exclude the situation of excessive intraocular pressure, which can easily cause too much aqueous humor to stay in the eye.
  4. Corneal topography, corneal thickness, corneal curvature, etc.-can rule out corneal abnormalities that are not suitable for surgery.

More than the above, dozens of inspections for two hours are no joke. What’s more cruel is that the results of the inspections may point to “surgery not recommended.” In other words, the ophthalmologist will not blindly be a “master of water supply”, the last blow to myopic eyes in life may be that you…do not meet the conditions for surgery!


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