Russian tu-142mz antisubmarine aircraft cruises over Russia US border waters

Two tu-142mz long-range antisubmarine aircraft of Russia’s Pacific Fleet Navy Air Force cruised over the Bering Sea and the Chukchi Sea in the Russian US border area on the 26th local time, with a cruising distance of more than 8000 km and a cruising time of more than 11 hours, according to the Information Office of Russia’s eastern Military Region.

Russia’s eastern military region said that the cruise flight of Russian military aircraft strictly abided by the international norms for the use of the airspace. According to reports, the crew of tu-142mz antisubmarine aircraft flew for a long time in open area and without ground navigation command during cruise, and mig-31bm fighter from Navy Aviation of Pacific Fleet carried out escort flight.

In addition, the United States Canada joint air and space defense command said on the same day that it had carried out tracking flight on two Russian tu-142mz antisubmarine aircraft in the Alaska air defense identification zone. (CCTV reporter Zhang Yuyao)


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