Overseas Chinese associations in the UK hold online Spring Festival Gala

Xinhua news agency, London, January 16 (reporter Liang Xizhi) – the British Overseas Chinese Association held an online New Year’s party on January 16 to send new year’s wishes to the people of the world through the cloud, hoping that the global village experiencing the hardships of the epidemic will be peaceful and beautiful in the new year.

The “2021 International Chinese Spring party” was sponsored by seven overseas Chinese associations in the UK. More than 600 actors from more than 30 countries and regions participated in the cloud performance.

Baritone singer Liao Changyong opened the evening with a loud and clear song “I love you China”. Famous Peking opera performing artists Yu Kuizhi and Li Shengsu brought the audience a symphony of Peking Opera praise of China. Zhang Ye and LV Jihong sing “looking at the mountains, looking at the water, looking at China”, which makes overseas Chinese feel the magnificence of the motherland.

Some international people were also invited to participate in the performance. Julian Lloyd Weber, the famous British cellist, brought his solo aria on the g-string, and Martin herkens, the Dutch voice champion, sang you inspired me. In addition, the combination of Chinese and Western performances made the audience happy. South African soprano xibangjilai mengema and Liao Changyong jointly sang the opera “Camellia girl”, while British young singer Phoebe and Chinese young singer Liu Peng sang “me and you”.

The organizers of the party said that the world has experienced the ordeal of the epidemic in 2020. They hope to unite the overseas Chinese and international friends in the world through the performance and send peace, friendship and warm New Year wishes to the people of all ethnic groups in the world.

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