“Happy Spring Festival” series activities opened in Malta

Valletta, January 22 (Xinhua) the online exhibition of the 12th “imagine China” Maltese children’s painting competition started on January 22, marking the opening of the 2021 “happy Spring Festival” series activities in Malta.

The online exhibition of “imagine China” Maltese children’s painting competition is jointly organized by the Maltese Chinese cultural center and the Maltese Ministry of education and employment. The theme of the competition is “magnificent China”, and 155 paintings from 18 local schools were received.

Influenced by COVID-19, this year’s “happy Spring Festival” series is held online. Turandot by the Central Opera House of China will be the highlight of this year’s “happy Spring Festival” series. It will be jointly launched by the Chinese cultural center of Malta, Swiss Chinese cultural and Art Exchange Association, the Central Opera House and the Mediterranean conference center of Malta. It will meet Maltese audiences online on February 7.

The “happy Spring Festival” series activities also include the “happy Spring Festival” online party and Lantern Festival Chinese salon, the “Chinese culture into campus” online launching ceremony, the second “happy Spring Festival” Chinese Film Festival, etc.

Yang Xiaolong, director of the Maltese Chinese cultural center, told Xinhua that on the premise of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention and control, the “happy Spring Festival” activities highlight the concepts of joy, harmony, sharing and blessing, strive to create a happy, peaceful, caring and friendly festival atmosphere, and bring Chinese Friendship, hope and strength to Maltese friends.

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