hot wire! Beijing has issued a notice that the public can enjoy these benefits during the Spring Festival in Beijing

This afternoon, at the 222nd press conference of New Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in Beijing, Xu Hejian, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Beijing municipal Party committee, director of the Information Office of the municipal government and spokesman of the municipal government, introduced the requirements of the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council on the notice of the people’s service in the new year’s Eve, and advocated the general public. The general office of the Beijing Municipal Party committee and the general office of the Beijing Municipal People’s government have formulated the notice on doing a good job in the work related to the Chinese New Year in Beijing, and put forward a series of measures.

According to the characteristics of the Spring Festival holiday, the notice proposes to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, advocate the public not to leave Beijing unless necessary, reduce the flow of people, reduce the risk of travel, reduce the gathering of people, and strengthen personal protection. We should do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in communities, rural areas and urban-rural fringe areas, strengthen the prevention and control of important nodes, key areas, important places and key personnel, strictly control the gathering activities of personnel, and build a strong line of defense for mass prevention and control of the epidemic situation. The outpatient and emergency, fever outpatient and inpatient medical services were arranged to meet the needs of the masses during the festival; psychological counseling services were provided free of charge, and the psychological hotline of Huilongguan Hospital and Anding Hospital provided normal services during the Spring Festival.

The “notice” proposed that all districts and relevant departments should organize Spring Festival visits and condolence activities to distribute Spring Festival gift bags to workers and masses who stick to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, urban management services and major engineering projects during the festival. Carry out care services for children in winter vacation and organize “four send” activities. A series of theme activities “warm new year, stay in Beijing for Chinese New Year” are organized for Youth League members.

Organize and carry out the “spring breeze action” to recommend jobs for those who want to stay in Beijing for temporary employment, guide public employment service institutions to provide “shared employment” services, and increase the supply of flexible jobs. The public service hotline has set up 12333 special seats to provide policy consultation services such as wages, social security, medical insurance, rest and vacation.

The city’s supermarkets, major commercial complexes, vegetable markets and express outlets are operating normally, and various consumption promotion activities are carried out on the premise of epidemic prevention and control. Issue consumption coupons to people celebrating the Chinese New Year in Beijing. Timely release the business information of catering stores, convenience stores, laundries, barbershops and home appliance maintenance during the Spring Festival, and carry out preferential shopping, housekeeping services, sports health and other service activities.

During the Spring Festival, public libraries, cultural centers, art galleries, museums, cinemas, sports venues, parks, scenic spots, rural homestays, physical bookstores, etc. will be opened in an orderly manner by appointment, flow restriction and peak shifting on the premise of implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. The opening hours of places and projects with conditions shall be extended appropriately, and discount or free service shall be provided. During the Spring Festival, the municipal parks shall be opened free of charge, but the reservation shall be made in advance, and the flow restriction regulations shall be observed. During the Spring Festival, the issue of 2021 Beijing Huimin cultural e-Voucher will be launched in advance, and the ice and snow public welfare experience voucher will be issued to the public.

Organize online literature and art shows, tourism resources promotion, Spring Festival temple fair and other activities, carry out cloud science popularization, cloud tour, cloud classroom, cloud dating, online reading, and increase the supply of cultural and sports programs such as Internet, TV, radio, etc. Each mobile phone number of Beijing Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile can receive 20g Beijing local traffic package free of charge within the specified period for use during the Spring Festival.

The “notice” encourages enterprises to introduce incentive measures according to the operation plan and employees’ wishes, so as to guide employees to stay in Beijing for the new year with post and salary; reasonably arrange production during the Spring Festival, off peak holidays or rest days, as well as staff skills training, etc., issue holiday gift packages to employees in Beijing for the new year, and arrange the spare time life of non local employees living in concentrated places.

“Notice” requires that all districts and relevant departments should do a good job in urban operation security. Strengthen the monitoring and inspection of the city’s water, gas and heat pipe network, communication and cable TV network, and the maintenance team will be on duty 24 hours a day for emergency repair. We should strengthen traffic operation management, make overall arrangements for the transport capacity and operation time of public transport, subway, taxi, etc., so as to meet the travel needs of the public. Give full play to the role of 12345 public service hotline, and timely respond to and solve various livelihood problems reflected by the masses.

We should strengthen the assistance for the people in need, and do a good job in helping the extremely poor, the families with low income and other social assistance objects, as well as families and individuals whose basic life is in trouble due to unexpected reasons. Do a good job in the care and safety management of the students staying in winter vacation, urge the school to ensure the opening hours of sports and life service facilities, improve the quality of food, and organize online parties and educational activities.

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