The Hong Kong government raids the residents of Bi street in Yau Ma Tei: hope to deal with the epidemic as soon as possible

The Hong Kong government raids the residents of Bi street in Yau Ma Tei: hope to deal with the epidemic as soon as possible

Photo: temporary inspection stations were set up in Bi street and Dong’an street last night. A large number of people wearing protective clothing arrived to prepare for the inspection of residents.

In order to further cut off the chain of transmission, the government closed down the area for the first time yesterday. In the afternoon, it announced the addition of two new areas in honghom and Youwang. At 7 p.m., it announced that a restricted area would be set up in the Youwang area, and the tanglou building at 9-27 Bi street and Shunfeng building at 3 Dong’an street in Yau Ma Tei were raided. All night, the residents were tested for the new coronavirus The block test was completed at about 6 am.

Many residents came home from work only to find out that their homes were sealed off. However, they generally understood the government’s decision and hoped to find out the source and deal with the epidemic as soon as possible. Some nearby businesses think that the long-term pain is better than the short-term pain. Now the epidemic situation is serious, and it is a good thing to adopt extraordinary measures (block closure). &”Dagongbao reporter Fang Xueming, Zeng Jingli, Liang Jian and Xiao Lin (photo)

The encirclement was kept secret. The government announced the news at 7 o’clock last night and simultaneously set up a cordon at the scene. The reporter saw at the scene that the police blocked the designated area with iron gates and iron horses, and set up a registration station at the gate of Bi street near Ferry Street to record the information of residents and staff entering the area. There were trailers to tow the vehicles in the area. It is known that residents in the closed area are not allowed to walk out of their homes. To enter the closed area, they need to register their personal data, have proof of address or contact their relatives and friends in the closed area, and then they can go downstairs to bring them into the area.

At 9 p.m., the residents came down to the building one after another for testing. After completing the testing and obtaining the certificate, they could go to the material station and choose their own materials, such as bottled water, cup noodles, hand lotion, masks and so on. The Commissioner of police, Mr Tang Ping Keung, arrived at the scene at about 10:30 last night to inspect and comfort the police officers on duty, especially to talk with the ethnic police officers.

People on the street heard of birds and beasts scattered

The stall owner selling vegetables near the enclosed area said that at about 6:30 in the evening, the atmosphere suddenly became tense. A large number of police officers appeared in the area of Bi street and Guangdong Road, asking passers-by to leave as soon as possible, and forbidding people from entering and leaving the relevant buildings. At first, she thought there was a big case, but later she knew that it was the enclosed area. The people who were buying Cuan on the street immediately scattered like birds and beasts, so she had to close the stall and go home early. She was asked if she was worried that the food stall would be raided and fenced. She said, “let it be.” she didn’t worry so much. ”

Mr. Mo worked in the fruit stall of xinqidi street. When he came home from work last night, he found that his residence had been included in the closed area. He said that as the public, they should accept the arrangement and hope that the enclosure will help to find out the source of the virus. The enclosure is from 7pm to 6am, which is acceptable, but I don’t know if it will be postponed. &”Some people think that the enclosure is inconvenient.” my mother-in-law and I went to the street to buy a stall, and they turned around and sealed it. ”

The store owner, who runs a logistics company in Bijie, thinks that this siege is very sudden, but he agrees with the government’s practice. Now the epidemic situation is serious, so we should do good with extraordinary measures. &”The stall owner who runs a snack shop in Bijie says frankly that the long-term pain is not as good as the short-term pain. The enclosure is good, and there is no business at home. He would rather have a big pain once than a long-term pain. ”

Some “Guli” who work in Guolan live in the blockade area and leave as soon as they hear the wind. They linger on the streets to avoid being unable to start work this morning.

More than 40 cases were confirmed within 14 days

In the mandatory inspection notice, the government pointed out that the mandatory inspection notice had been issued earlier on 15-27 Bi street and 3 Dong’an street, but the infection in the residential areas continued to be severe. In the past 14 days, more than 40 confirmed cases were recorded, involving three buildings, and many of them are Sanwu buildings, which are in disrepair for a long time. The risk of infection in the community is very high, and the building sewage test is positive. Therefore, the government decided to enclose them, hoping to cut off the transmission chain To eliminate the residents’ doubts.

Zheng Yongshun, a member of the Democratic Alliance for the betterment of Hong Kong (DAB) in Kowloon West, thinks that the announcement is urgent. He hopes the government can give a good explanation. Many newly returned citizens, especially ethnic minorities, do not know what is going on. They may worry about how many days it will take. ”

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