Biden’s new deal / priority War: America stops withdrawing from who

Biden's new deal / priority War: America stops withdrawing from who

Photo: US President Biden signed 17 executive orders on his first day in office. /Internet pictures

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is reported to be more than 406 thousand. The new president Biden has signed 17 administrative instructions since he was sworn in. On the 20 day, the new president, Trump, signed 17 administrative directives, 9 of which directly overthrew the Trump administration’s policies, including the withdrawal of the World Health Organization and the return of the Paris agreement. Anti epidemic is Biden’s top priority after he takes office. The United States will also join the vaccine program of the World Health Organization. Fudge, the leader of infectious diseases, even calls Tan Desai, director general of the World Health Organization, “my dear friend.”;.

American media pointed out that Biden was faster than any other president in the modern history of the United States to remove the legacy left by his predecessor. He not only has to deal with the epidemic situation and economic crisis, but also has to face the escalation of violence and social tearing. Biden’s future in power is bumpy.

Fudge called tandesay a dear friend

Biden’s 17 executive orders cover many fields, such as anti epidemic, economy, immigration, etc., including the implementation of a 100 day mandatory order for masks, the requirement to stop withdrawing from who and many other measures related to the epidemic situation.

Biden also wrote to U.N. Secretary General Guterres on the same day, announcing the revocation of the U.S. government’s July 2020 withdrawal notice from who. Biden said who plays a key role in the global fight against the new coronavirus pandemic and the global public health threat. The United States will continue to fully participate in and play a global leading role in responding to such threats and promoting global public health safety.

Fudge, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases of the United States, attended the meeting of the Executive Committee of who on the 21st. Fudge said at the meeting that the United States will resume normal cooperation with who, fulfill its financial commitment to who, and join the new coronal vaccine implementation program (covax). He called the director general of who, Mr. Tan Desai, “my dear friend.”;. Tan Desai said, “today is a good day, a good day for global health.”;. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying also said on the 21st that she welcomes the US side to return to who and is willing to strengthen cooperation with the United States and other countries.

Vaccine distribution plan starts from scratch

Biden will also sign 10 executive orders to coordinate national efforts against the epidemic on the 21st, including tightening travel safety regulations, requiring all people to wear masks at airports and planes, and isolating people from other countries, according to a number of US media. In addition, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will set up more than 100 vaccination centers to speed up the process of national immunization Vaccinate.

“We need the support of the American people,” said White House epidemic coordinator Jeff Zients. &”Biden administration officials complained that the trump administration had no vaccine distribution plan at all, and the new administration had to start from scratch. Moreover, many states in the United States complained that they did not get enough vaccines at all, but were required to inject more people.

Another executive order that received the most attention was the formal return of the United States to the Paris agreement within 30 days. On his first day in office, the Biden administration began to restart multilateral dialogue, repair relations with its allies, and strive to rebuild the US leadership in global affairs.

Biden signed an environmental protection related administrative order to take the US Canada energy project as an example and revoke the license for the oil pipeline “keystone” project. This is the second time in less than 10 years that the democratic government vetoed the 9 billion dollar project. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau expressed his disappointment. White House spokesman pusaki said at a press conference on the 20th that Biden would talk to Trudeau on the 22nd. This is Biden’s first phone call with foreign heads of state, and he is expected to talk about the “keystone” project.

Violent demonstrations still under strict guard

On the day of Biden’s inauguration, Washington, under the heavy guard of the 25000 National Guard Army, finally passed through. Due to the state’s early vigilance and vigilance, the number of demonstrations in the United States was far less than expected by the security department, but sporadic violent demonstrations still took place in Colorado, Oregon and other places.

About 200 black clad thugs gathered on the streets of Portland, Oregon, on the 20th, shouting “we don’t want Biden.”;. They stormed the Democratic Party headquarters in Portland, smashing the windows of the building, and clashed with local police several times. A group of protestors with the banner of “anti fascist movement” gathered near the state legislature in Denver, Colorado, on the 20th to burn the American flag. Local police arrested a number of demonstrators for “illegal possession of weapons.”.


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