Merkel wants the world to return to multilateralism

[Kung Pao news] comprehensive The Associated Press and Bloomberg reported: German Chancellor Merkel delivered a video speech at the world economic forum &ldquo, Davos agenda 26, and urged global leaders to cooperate more closely against COVID-19 and the world must return to multilateralism. &rdquo

The “Davos agenda” of the world economic forum was held online from 25th to 29th, with speeches by leaders of many countries. In her speech on Tuesday, Merkel pointed out that the current global crisis highlights the value of international cooperation and the limitations of nationalism. For me, it is more clear than ever that we must choose a multilateral approach, and self isolation will not help solve the problem. &”Merkel mentioned that the who led covax mechanism reflects the importance of multilateral access to vaccines, which is related to fair distribution and ensuring access to vaccines for poor countries.

Merkel has long called for global cooperation. In the past four years, she has often had friction with former US President trump, who pursues unilateralism. In addition, Merkel also hopes that the OECD can quickly reach a consensus on digital taxation, and calls for the establishment of a global anti-monopoly mechanism to solve the problem of cross-border competition.

Earlier on the same day, European Commission President Frederick von draen also called on the world to return to multilateralism in her speech. She said that world leaders were worried about the permanent destruction of democracy during Trump’s administration. She also discusses the challenges social media brings to democracy and freedom of speech, and hopes that the new US government will cooperate with the EU in technology regulation.


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