The impeachment trial starts, Biden is hard to pass

[Ta Kung Pao] according to CNN and associated press, the house of representatives of the United States formally submitted the impeachment bill against former president trump to the Senate on the 25th, and the Senate trial procedure officially started. However, President Biden said on the same day that although the move is necessary, the possibility of success is not high.

Raskin, the chief impeachment manager of the house of Representatives, led a group of impeachment managers to the Senate chamber on Monday night, where Raskin read the impeachment clause on the spot. However, the trial will start in the second week of February at the latest, and Leahy, a senior Democrat in the Senate, may be the host.

In an interview with CNN, U.S. President Biden said that the impeachment process may affect the legislative agenda and cabinet nomination of the new government, but it is necessary to do so. He also pointed out that if the impeachment starts when trump has half a year left in office, I believe the result will be different. At present, the number of the two parties in the Senate is 50 to 50. To pass the impeachment, 17 Republican members need to turn over and reach a two-thirds majority. Biden thinks there is little chance.

In Florida, trump issued a statement announcing the establishment of the office of the former president, which will be responsible for managing his communications, public statements, itineraries and official activities in the future, as well as continuing to promote Trump’s policy propositions during his administration through lobbying and public activities. In addition, as Trump’s private lawyer Giuliani repeatedly questioned that dominion voting system was involved in election fraud without evidence, the company filed a defamation lawsuit against Giuliani on the 25th, claiming $1.3 billion. Giuliani pointed out that this action intimidates others not to exercise the right of freedom of speech, or counter accuses the other party.


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