A brief introduction of the major global variants

1 Brazil variant p.1

· spread in Brazil in July 2020. As of the 25th of this month, Peru, Germany, South Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries have found the virus.

More infectious.

There is no clear evidence that the existing vaccine is ineffective. But scientists have found that the strain seems to be able to & quot; avoid & quot; antibodies against common strains, which may weaken the efficacy of the vaccine and increase the risk of secondary infection.

2 British variant b.1.1.7

It has spread in the UK in September 2020, mainly in London and Kent, and then quickly spread to dozens of countries around the world, including European countries, the United States, Japan and South Korea.

The infectious power surged by about 70%, and it may have a higher fatality rate.

Both Pfizer and Modena claim that their vaccines are effective, but more tests are needed to confirm.

3 South African variant strain 501y.v2

It was found in South Africa in October 2020, and then spread to dozens of countries such as Canada, Australia and Israel.

It is more infectious and may increase the risk of infection among young people.

It is likely to significantly reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. Modena is developing a new vaccine against the strain.

4 Danish variant l452r

It was found in Denmark in March 2020, then spread to many countries, and detonated cluster infection in nursing homes in California, so it is also known as “California virus”;.

It is not clear whether there are any changes in the infectivity and lethality of the variant.

It may weaken the effect of the vaccine.

Source: Washington Post


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