Severe allergy! Who does not recommend vaccination against Modena vaccine

Severe allergy! Who does not recommend vaccination against Modena vaccine

Modena new crown vaccine. (AFP)

According to Russia’s satellite news agency on the 26th, the World Health Organization (who) expert group released the provisional recommendations for the use of Modena new coronal vaccine mrna-1273 on the 26th after evaluating the data. The who will make a decision on whether to include the vaccine in the list of emergency use at the end of February.

The WHO Advisory Group on immunization strategy met on 21 January to assess the preliminary data of the phase III clinical trial of Modena neocrown vaccine mrna-1273. Considering that allergic reactions may occur after vaccination, who experts recommend that vaccination be provided only under conditions that prevent anaphylactic shock.

The panel does not recommend that pregnant women be vaccinated with mrna-1273 unless they are at high risk (such as medical workers). But experts said that although there is no data on the safety of the vaccine for lactating women, considering the mechanism of action of the vaccine, lactating women can be vaccinated.

The expert group pointed out that in view of the current shortage of vaccines and the lack of evidence that vaccines can reduce the risk of new coronavirus transmission, it is not recommended to give priority to vaccinating travelers.

According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention on the 22nd, as of January 10, 4041396 people in the United States had been vaccinated with the first dose of the new coronal vaccine developed by Modena company. A total of 1266 adverse reactions were reported, including 10 allergic reactions. According to CDC, anaphylaxis is a serious life-threatening adverse reaction, which usually occurs within minutes to hours after vaccination. These 10 cases were confirmed as allergic reactions, of which 9 cases occurred within 15 minutes after vaccination and 1 case occurred 45 minutes after vaccination; 108 cases may be serious adverse reactions including allergic reactions, which need further verification.


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