Portuguese ambassador to China as the rotating presidency of the European Union

(Li Li, Beijing, Hong Kong) EU ambassador to China Yu Bai and Portuguese ambassador to China Du Aojie held a joint press conference in Beijing a few days ago to introduce the priorities of Portugal’s rotating presidency of the EU in the first half of this year. Du Aojie told reporters that the EU, which emphasizes a more open EU, pays special attention to cooperation with China, especially in the fields of climate change and economy. He said He said that the European Union is firmly committed to the road of multilateralism, and will never say that China will be besieged by the so-called “five eye alliance” and the so-called “border selection”.

Portuguese ambassador to China as the rotating presidency of the European Union EU ambassador to China Yu Bai (second from left) and Portuguese ambassador to China Du Aojie (third from left) hold a joint press conference. (Photo by Li Li)

At the end of 2020, the negotiation of China EU investment agreement was announced to be completed, and is now waiting for the approval and entry into force of the European Parliament and the National People’s Congress of China. Du Aojie said that the agreement has established a predictable and secure system, so that both sides have more confidence to face the future economic relations. The China EU investment agreement is a milestone, which is to strengthen mutual investment and develop more balanced between China and the EU The important measures of trade relations mark a new stage in the relations between the EU and China, which is good for the enterprises of the two countries.

As for Portugal’s key work as the rotating president of the European Union, Du Aojie said that there are mainly three aspects. First, to promote the two wheel drive economic recovery in response to climate change and digital transformation, to overcome the crisis caused by the new epidemic of pneumonia, and to lay the foundation for building a more modern and resilient economy. Second, to promote social development on the basis of green revolution and digital revolution Third, build a more open EU. He stressed that it is very important for the EU to maintain its cooperation with China in dealing with climate change, upholding multilateralism, defending the status of the United Nations and promoting free, fair and just trade.

In the field of climate change, Du Aojie said he hoped that the leaders of China and the EU could reach a new joint statement in the first half of the year. He said that the EU and China share the same vision and will work hard to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. The EU appreciates China’s commitment to reducing emissions, and the EU is equally ambitious in this regard.

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