Pompeo’s fate exposed: paving the way for the 2024 presidential election

US media on the 26th exposed the latest trend of former US Secretary of state Pompey o, saying it may pave the way for the US presidential election in 2024.

Former U.S. Secretary of state Pompey o has been rated by the media as the worst Secretary of state in history

According to Hong Kong’s China News Agency, citing the US Axios news website, pompeio will join the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington, where he will have the opportunity to participate in policy discussions and provide a platform for participating in the 2024 US election. By joining the conservative think tank, pompeio will pay close attention to discussions and donors that are crucial to the Republican Party.

Hudson is popular among conservatives, who see it as a platform for policy advice.

“I am pleased to join the Hudson Institute and look forward to contributing to the mission of promoting U.S. leadership and global engagement,” Pompeo said in a statement to the institution

“Secretary of state Pompeo’s outstanding performance in public service and his commitment to the values that support our mission make this an exciting opportunity for cooperation,” said Sarah may stern, chairman of the Hudson board, according to the report

In the United States, there have been constant reports about Pompey’s candidacy for president. On the second day after Biden’s inauguration, Pompey tweeted that “1384 days”, which is exactly the number of days before the 2024 presidential election. In this regard, the US “Capitol Hill” analyzed that Pompey is in the countdown to the 2024 presidential election. Pompey is considered to be one of the ten potential Republican leaders in 2024 One of the candidates.

Newsweek pointed out that pompeio himself is willing to run for the Republican presidential nomination. He seems to position himself as an influential commentator on the US President Biden regime, and is likely to criticize most of the new agenda of the new president.

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