Peru once again imposed compulsory social isolation to deal with COVID-19

Xinhua news agency, Lima, January, 26 (reporter Zhang Guoying) Peru President Sacca Christian announced on the 26 night that the government decided to include 10 areas including the capital Lima in the “extremely risky” area of COVID-19. Since January 31st, these areas will once again implement compulsory social isolation measures to cope with second wave COVID-19.

In a televised speech to the whole country that night, sagasti said that since the 31st, residents in the capital Lima and nine provinces, including IKA, Huning and ankash, should be isolated at home except for going out to buy food, medicine and other necessities or to go to the bank; only one person in each family can go out shopping; restaurants and shopping centers only provide take out and door-to-door delivery services; shops and banks operate according to 40% of the customer capacity Inter provincial land and air transport will be suspended. These prevention and control measures will be implemented until February 14.

In March 2020, Peru began to implement nationwide compulsory social segregation to prevent and control the epidemic. In July of the same year, the number of newly diagnosed cases rose rapidly after the isolation measure was abolished in some areas of Peru. Since the beginning of this year, the number of new confirmed cases in Peru has increased significantly, and the number of hospitalized cases has soared. Miguel Palacios, Dean of Peru Medical College, said recently that the second wave of COVID-19 in Peru was “almost out of control” and the health system was near collapse.

In January 13th this year, the Peru government announced that the country would divide the risk level according to the progress of COVID-19, and it should be classified accurately and accurately. The government evaluates the effectiveness of the prevention and control measures every 15 days, and adjusts the risk levels and epidemic prevention policies according to the changes in the epidemic situation.

Peru has more than 1.1 million newly diagnosed cases and 40107 deaths, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of health on the 26th.

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