Only “one” can save “one hundred million”!

Ding Yue

At the beginning of the new year, more than 100 million people were diagnosed in the world, more than the population of most countries in the world. From “one” to “one hundred million”, it’s frightening and heartbreaking! In the face of the surging epidemic situation, all countries in the world can save “billion” only with one heart!

Design: Yang Jixin

COVID-19 is a rare global public health crisis in human history. The cumulative number of confirmed cases in the world continues to rise sharply, and the number of deaths remains high. Global public health is facing severe challenges. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, some countries and politicians, instead of being enthusiastic about global anti epidemic cooperation, have deliberately played down the seriousness of the epidemic, shifted contradictions for political self-interest, created lies, thrown the blame, and constantly incited international and domestic ideological antagonism, which has become a “stumbling block” to undermine global anti epidemic cooperation.

The raging COVID-19 has made people more aware of the fact that mankind is a community of destiny. No country can be alone in the face of crises. At present, unity and cooperation and joint efforts to fight the epidemic are the only right way out for all countries. Only when the epidemic situation in all countries and regions is effectively controlled can the security of all mankind be truly guaranteed. Any “derailment” behavior that does not want to go to one place and does not make efforts to one place can only harm others and oneself, and will eventually end up in failure!

Design: Wang Yunfeng

Winter can not stop the pace of spring, night can not cover the dawn. The new coronavirus is changing in many ways, and human society is experiencing rare multiple crises. However, we can and must maintain the determination, perseverance and confidence of uniting against the epidemic, rely on the strength of scientific rationality, carry forward the humanitarian spirit, and make “100 million” come to zero.

[correction] [editor in charge: Liu Xinyu shenfang]


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