Sudan accuses Ethiopia of border violations

Khartoum, December 26 (Reuters) – Sudan’s information minister said on the same day that Sudan has controlled most of the land occupied by Ethiopia near the border between the two countries.

According to the report, in early November, conflicts broke out in Tigre area in northern Ethiopia, and more than 50000 people, mainly Tigre refugees, came to eastern Sudan, resulting in increased tension in the border area.

The dispute focused on agricultural land in fashka, an area within the border of Sudan, where Ethiopian farmers have lived for a long time.

The report also said that in recent weeks, there have been armed conflicts between Sudanese and Ethiopian troops, and both sides have accused each other of inciting violence. The two countries held talks on this issue in Khartoum this week.

Sudan’s information minister, Faisal & middot; Saleh, said: “we are in favor of resolving all issues through dialogue. But our army will do the job of reclaiming all the land. At present, our army has recovered 60% to 70% of the land. ”

Saleh said the Sudanese army has taken defensive action and the conflict has subsided in the past two days.

He also said: “Sudan’s intelligence report confirms that it is not the militia who organize, train and arm the offensive forces, but the regular army. ”

Ahead of this week’s talks, Ethiopia’s foreign minister, demek & middot; mekonen, said the Sudanese army had launched attacks since November 9. “Ethiopian farmers have been robbed of their produce, their camps have been destroyed and they can’t harvest on their farms,” he says. Many civilians have been killed and injured. ”


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