CDC in the United States: the number of deaths in the United States may exceed 510000 before the 20th of next month

New coronal pneumonia is rampant all over the world. The Biden administration of the United States held a briefing on the epidemic situation for the first time on Wednesday (27th). At the briefing, officials warned that the number of deaths from infectious diseases in the United States could increase by as many as 90000 in the next three to four weeks, and pointed out that the authorities would make efforts to improve the vaccine delivery and vaccination plan.

The new director of the center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Mr. wallensky, said the center expected the death toll of new coronal pneumonia to rise to about 514000 by next month’s 20th. Wallensky stressed the safety of the vaccine, called on people to get a second dose within a specified time, and pointed out that the vaccine is not interchangeable, and that the same vaccine should be given twice, said White House epidemic coordinator zitz Health and public services have started to introduce more professionals to handle vaccination, including authorized retired doctors and nurses.

So far, at least 428000 people in the United States have died of new crown pneumonia. According to the forecast, it may exceed 510000 by next month’s 20th.

Editor in charge: Pan Ruoshui


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