International observation: can Italy’s prime minister Conte step down

Rome, January 26 (Xinhua) can the resignation of the Italian Prime Minister make progress

Xinhua News Agency reporter Ye Xinke Li Jie

Italian Prime Minister Condoleezza Conte submitted his resignation to President matarella on 26 June. In August 2019, Conte resigned as Prime Minister due to the crisis of the ruling coalition, and then he was authorized to form a cabinet again to establish and lead a new coalition government. Can Conte retreat and return again this time?

The ruling coalition is split

To help the country recover from the attack of COVID-19, the government of Italy began drawing up the draft national recovery plan last year, covering key areas such as digitalization, ecological transformation, medical treatment, infrastructure, education and scientific research. The largest recovery plan in Italy’s history will cost more than 300 billion euros, of which more than 200 billion will come from the EU recovery fund.

However, this plan has become the fuse of the fluctuation of the Italian political situation. As a member of the ruling coalition, the vitality party has serious differences with other parties in the ruling coalition on the management mode and fund allocation of the recovery plan. Renzi, the leader of the vitality party and former prime minister, has repeatedly threatened to withdraw from the ruling coalition. “I’m not going to be an accomplice in wasting public money,” Renzi told the 24-hour sun

In order to balance the views of all parties in the ruling coalition, Conte made some compromises, but still could not satisfy Renzi. In the early hours of the 13th, the Italian cabinet finally passed the draft recovery plan. That night, Renzi announced the resignation of three members of the vitality party who served in the cabinet, and the vitality party withdrew from the government.

Seeking government restructuring

The ruling coalition was previously composed of the five-star movement, the Democratic Party, the vitality party and the freedom and Equality Party. The withdrawal of the vitality party made the conte government lose its majority position in the Senate and fall into the crisis of governance.

Although the conte government passed the confidence vote of the house of Representatives and the Senate on 18 and 19, due to the abstention of the members of the vitality party in the vote, the conte government won only 156 votes in the 321 seat Senate, which did not reach the absolute majority threshold of 161 votes. Considering that many important bills, including the government’s annual budget, must be approved by an absolute majority, which means that the ruling ability of the conte government will be greatly weakened.

After winning the vote of confidence in the Senate on the evening of the 19th, Conte said that the government will take consolidating the majority of Parliament as an important goal, and continue to carry out work around dealing with the epidemic and restoring the economy. “The situation is urgent, and we can’t waste a minute.”.

As it is difficult for the current government to win the support of the absolute majority of the parliament under the current situation, in order to avoid falling into a passive position, with the support of the five-star movement and the Democratic Party, Conte intends to get a chance to reorganize the cabinet by resigning, so as to establish a broader ruling coalition and control the absolute majority of the seats in the parliament.

Can you come back again

This is the second time Conte has resigned. In August 2019, Conte resigned as prime minister because of the crisis of the ruling coalition, but was authorized to form a cabinet again to establish and lead a new coalition government.

After Conte submitted his resignation on the 26th, the Italian presidential palace issued a statement saying that President matarela reserved the right to make decisions and asked the current government to continue to handle daily affairs for the time being. Matarela is scheduled to begin consultations with leaders of various political parties on the 27th to explore the possibility of establishing a new ruling coalition.

According to the results of the consultation, matarella may again authorize Conte to form a cabinet, and may also authorize others to form a cabinet. With the support of all parties in parliament, matarella could also propose that a cabinet be formed by technocrats to deal with urgent matters. If none of these options is feasible, an early election will be inevitable.

However, analysts believe that at present, Italy is facing a severe test of COVID-19, and a number of policy issues need to be pushed forward.

In view of the fact that the leaders of the five-star movement and the Democratic Party have supported Conte on different occasions, the Italian media believe that Conte is likely to try to form a cabinet again with the support of the five-star movement, the Democratic Party and the freedom and Equality Party.


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