Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei apologizes

Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yi Wei apologized to parliament on 27 July. The reason is that two members of the ruling coalition were exposed by the media in the bustling commercial district of Tokyo, where they broke the COVID-19 prevention and control proposal.

“We ask people not to eat out after 8 p.m. and avoid unnecessary and non urgent outings, but I’m very sorry for this,” he said

Matsumoto Junichiro, acting chairman of the parliamentary response Committee of the Liberal Democratic Party, left an Italian restaurant before 9 pm on the 18th and went to two dance bars in Ginza, Tokyo, one after the other until 11 pm, according to the daily trendy online edition of Japan’s weekly trendy magazine. According to the online edition of weekly Wen Chun, the acting director general of the Komeito party, kiyoshiko Yuanshan, also stayed late at a high-end nightclub in Ginza on the 22nd.

Matsumoto admitted going to the overnight shop last week, calling himself “negligent.”. Yuanshan also apologized for going to the nightclub.

Kan announced on the 7th that a state of emergency will be implemented in Tokyo and three surrounding counties from the 8th to curb the spread of the epidemic. From the 14th, the scope of the state of emergency was extended to seven places, including Osaka Prefecture and Aichi Prefecture. Under the state of emergency, restaurants and bars are open until 20 o’clock at the latest, but there are no punishment measures for those who violate the rules.

Several people familiar with the matter told Kyodo news agency that the state of emergency may be extended to the end of February. More and more government officials believe that it is necessary to extend the state of emergency to other parts of the country where the number of new crown cases remains high.

Kan Yiwei’s anti epidemic measures were criticized for being too slow and inconsistent, and public support declined, Reuters reported. He was criticized in mid December for attending two dinners in Tokyo, when the government urged people to avoid multiple dinners to curb the spread of the virus. (Chen Dan) [Xinhua News Agency micro feature]

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