Foreign media: Iran starts clinical trial of domestic new crown vaccine

The novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine was launched in Iran on 29 July, Tehran, Germany.

Iran’s state television said three subjects were vaccinated with the vaccine in the presence of the country’s health minister. Another 56 people will be vaccinated in the first phase of the clinical trial, and the results will be released in less than a month.

Iranian President Rouhani said Iran will import foreign vaccines and use domestic vaccines at the same time.

Reported that due to U.S. sanctions, Iran can not use the global banking system, thus facing obstacles in ordering vaccines. However, the Central Bank of Iran has allocated about US $245 million to import the new vaccine.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been reported since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia in Iran, and more than 54 thousand cases have been reported. More than 1 million 200 thousand cases have been confirmed. Iran plans to launch a mass vaccination campaign against 83 million people nationwide in March next year.


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