Japanese media: the Japanese government hopes to basically complete the vaccination before the opening of the Olympic Games

Japanese media disclosed on the 20th that the Japanese government hopes to basically complete the new crown vaccination before the Tokyo Olympic Games in July.

Yomiuri Shimbun and chanjing Shimbun reported from unnamed government officials that the government hopes to vaccinate about 10000 medical staff from late February, and then vaccinate people at high risk of infection, including those over 65 years old and those with underlying diseases.

According to the government’s assumption, the target of vaccination will be extended to other ordinary people over the age of 16 in May, the peak of vaccination will be in July, and most adults will complete the vaccination before the opening of the Olympic Games in late July.

However, the Japanese government has not confirmed the above report. Chief Cabinet Secretary and government spokesman Kato Shengxin responded on the 20th that it’s too early to announce the vaccination schedule, at least after the government approves the vaccine;.

The new crown vaccine developed by Pfizer and German biotechnology company is expected to be the first vaccine approved by the Japanese government, AFP reported.

Japan’s Ministry of health, labor and welfare announced on the 20th that the Japanese government has signed a vaccine procurement contract with Pfizer for 72 million people. In addition, Japan has signed vaccine procurement contracts with Modena company of the United States and AstraZeneca company of the United Kingdom.

Kan Yiwei said in a speech on the 18th that the government is ready to start vaccination in late February.

On the 18th, the Japanese government selected taro Kono, Minister of administrative reform, to coordinate the vaccination work. According to Kyodo news agency, as a minister in charge of administrative reform, Kono has the ability to solve problems across departments. The government hopes that he will lead and coordinate the local government, doctors’ associations and logistics circles to promote the safe and smooth progress of vaccination.

Japan’s epidemic prevention situation is grim, including the capital Tokyo, 11 prefectures have entered a state of emergency. The government intends to amend the infectious diseases act to strengthen the response to the epidemic, such as adding provisions to severely punish those who do not want to be hospitalized. According to this provision, those who refuse to be hospitalized or slip away from the hospital with new coronavirus infection will be punished with up to one year’s imprisonment or a fine of up to 1 million yen (about 62000 yuan).


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