Key points of 17 executive orders

epidemic situation

Americans are required to wear masks for at least 100 days, and all people in federal buildings are required to wear masks and keep social distance.

Call a halt to the withdrawal of the United States from the world health process, and appoint fudge, the infectious diseases authority, to lead the U.S. delegation to world health.

Add an epidemic prevention coordinator to report directly to Biden.


Extend the deferral of eviction and foreclosure orders to March 31.

Extend the deferral of student loans and interest payments to September 30.

Environmental Science

The United States rejoined the Paris climate agreement.

The U.S. – Canada “keystone” pipeline project was abolished, and more than 100 environmental policies of the trump administration were reviewed and repealed.

Equal rights

Remove the 1776 Committee of the trump administration that promotes “patriotic education.”.

Prevent sexual orientation and gender discrimination in the workplace.

general survey

Include non-U.S. citizens in the census plan.


Strengthen the “dream chaser” program (DACA).

Lift the entry ban on seven Muslim countries.

– to suspend and strengthen immigration law enforcement.

Call a halt to the construction of the U.S. – Mexico border wall.

The repatriation of Liberians fleeing the civil war has been postponed until June 30, 2022.


Require political appointees of the federal executive to sign ethical commitments to safeguard the independence of the Department of justice.


Ask the White House budget and Management Bureau to study the modern regulatory review plan and withdraw the regulatory approval process of the trump administration.



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