Saudi Arabia’s suspension of Pfizer new crown vaccine: due to supply delay

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health announced that it was forced to delay the vaccination of its residents against the new coronavirus because of the delay of the vaccine provided by Pfizer to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has changed the vaccination schedule for people who have received the first dose of the vaccine due to the suspension of Pfizer’s expanded production and the postponement of Pfizer’s vaccine exports to Saudi Arabia and other countries around the world, the Ministry of health of Saudi Arabia said in a release, according to Russian satellite news agency on the 21st. Saudi Arabia said it would postpone the second dose and send a new vaccination date message to those who have received the first dose.

According to reports, Saudi food and Drug Administration (SFDA) approved the registration and use of the new crown vaccine jointly produced by Pfizer and biontech in early December 2020. On December 17, 2020, the country began to vaccinate against the new coronavirus. The first vaccinated people are citizens over 65 years old and people with chronic diseases. At present, more than 2 million people have registered through special vaccination software.

According to the latest data of Saudi Arabia, from the beginning of the epidemic to now, there have been 365500 cases of infection in Saudi Arabia, 357177 patients have recovered, and 6338 deaths.

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