Biden’s new deal / Merkel: not everything is the same as Biden

Biden's new deal / Merkel: not everything is the same as Biden

Photo: in February 2013, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and then US Vice President Biden met in Berlin. /Information picture

[Ta Kung Pao] according to the financial times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, US President Biden signed an executive order on the first day of taking office to overthrow the policies of the trump era, showing his determination to “rebuild the leadership of the United States”. However, while welcoming Biden to power, his allies also hinted that he would not follow the orders of Washington in the future. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned on the 21st that she will not agree with Biden on all issues and that Europe will shoulder more military and diplomatic responsibilities in the world.

Biden signed a series of executive orders after taking the oath of office on the 20th, including terminating the process of the United States withdrawing from who and returning to the Paris Agreement, reflecting Washington’s return to the diplomatic line of multilateralism. The traditional allies of the United States welcome this, and the president of the European Commission, Frederick von draen, even cheers that “the United States is back.”. However, after four years of poison from former president trump, the allies are cautious about whether the Biden administration can keep its promise.

& lt; Beixi 2 & gt; may become a barrier to relations

The day after Biden was sworn in, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, “don’t think that everything will be harmonious in the future between Germany and the United States.” in order to better handle various issues, disputes between the two countries are inevitable. Merkel also mentioned that when Biden was the vice president of the United States, they had differences on the issue of arms sales to Ukraine. She also said that even if the United States has a new government, Europe’s goal of trying to play an important role in the international community will not change.

During Trump’s term of office, there were many disagreements with Germany, ranging from sanctions against Germany and Russia’s natural gas pipeline project “Beixi 2” to demands for Germany to increase NATO military spending, and the relationship between Germany and Germany continued to decline. Although trump left the White House, the strategic challenge between virtues did not disappear.

“Beixi 2” will continue to be one of the hidden streams of virtue relations in the future. Biden said when he was vice president of the Obama administration: “it’s a bad deal for Europe. &”Merkel said on the 21st that her attitude towards” Beixi 2 “has not changed. The trump administration angered Germany by the sanctions, saying that the US extraterritorial sanctions were illegal.

Despite her reservations, Merkel is optimistic about the future of the transatlantic partnership between the United States and Europe, saying that an agreement with Biden is much more likely than that of her predecessor;. On Biden’s first day in office, Merkel also expressed appreciation for such initiatives as stopping withdrawing from who and returning to the Paris Agreement, saying that Germany looks forward to cooperating with the United States on health and climate issues.

EU Xu signs new cooperation treaty with us

In addition to Germany, EU leaders also hope that after Biden takes office, he will improve the relations between Europe and the United States and sign a new transatlantic Convention between Europe and the United States. “After four long years, Europe has a friend in the White House. Biden’s inauguration is the” new dawn “of the United States, and Europe is ready to cooperate with its” oldest and most trusted partner. “; We should start afresh and promote global change through the transatlantic new agenda based on the common values, interests and global influence of Europe and the United States.

President Michelle Obama of the European Council called on Europe and the United States to jointly build a new founding convention to build a stronger Europe, a stronger United States and a better world;. He also intends to invite Biden to Brussels for a special meeting of the European Council. Michelle also said that Biden’s coming to power will not let the differences between Europe and the United States disappear overnight. The United States has changed, and the perception of the United States in Europe and other parts of the world has also changed. Therefore, the view of the United States on the European Union may also change. Now the European Union has its own choice of path, and its decision-making will not wait for whose approval;.

According to the analysis, Biden asked the United States to return to the Paris agreement within 30 days. Last year’s greenhouse gas emissions of the United States were 21.5% lower than those of 2005. According to this progress, it is unlikely to achieve the emission reduction targets of the Paris Agreement, and the United States is bound to face challenges to reestablish its global leadership. The analysis points out that the US EU relations have experienced the most serious twists and turns in the past four years. Although Biden’s coming to power can make Europe feel relieved temporarily, the US society is seriously torn and trumpism is likely to return in four years, and allies are not at ease. French finance minister le Maire said earlier that Europe should not let its own interests be subject to people. This is not only France’s view, but also Europe’s consensus.

The United States is at loggerheads with its allies

With the European Union

NATO military spending

Since taking office in 2017, former US President trump has repeatedly expressed dissatisfaction with the excessive US military spending on NATO, demanding that other NATO members increase their military spending to 2% of their GDP, and even threatening to withdraw from NATO. After Biden took office, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said on the 21st that he looked forward to rebuilding transatlantic relations with Biden.

Withdrawal from Afghanistan

After trump lost the election in November last year, the Pentagon announced that the United States would withdraw 2000 soldiers from Afghanistan by January 15 this year. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said that the early withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan may make NATO “pay a heavy price” and Afghanistan still “faces the risk of becoming a terrorist stronghold”;.

“Beixi 2” project

On January 19, the United States began to sanction the Russian “destiny” pipelaying vessel, the latest sanction from Washington on the “Beixi 2” project. Biden criticized the project when he was vice president during the Obama administration, and it is expected that the US side will not soften its position in the future.

With Canada

& lt; cornerstone & gt; oil pipeline

Biden announced on the day he took office that he would abolish the $9 billion US Canadian oil pipeline project. &”Cornerstone” part of the project has been completed, and TC energy, the Canadian company responsible for the operation, shut down on the 20th, saying that the US move will cause thousands of workers to lose their jobs. Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau expressed disappointment. Ta Kung Pao


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