Clenbuterol is harmful to health

Clenbuterol is harmful to health

Photo: people in Taiwan held a rally at the end of last year against the Taiwan authorities’ import of American lean meat and fine pork. /Information picture

Zhu Fenglian, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office, said on the 27th that the mainland strictly forbids the import of meat products produced in or transshipped through Taiwan. On the one hand, the mainland has always banned the use of ractopamine (commonly known as Clenbuterol); on the other hand, in order to prevent the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Taiwan, the relevant authorities in the mainland have stepped up inspection efforts, and consumers can report meat products from Taiwan to the regulatory authorities, such as meat floss and pork jerky.

At the regular press conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office on that day, a reporter asked that Taiwan officially opened the import of American pigs containing ractopamine from January 1 this year. Some netizens from the mainland worried about whether the relevant products would flow into the mainland market through Taiwan. In this regard, Zhu Fenglian said that we have noticed that some netizens’ recent worries are due to some vicious ideas put forward by individual netizens on the island.

On January 15, Tsang boon, the host of the island talk show “boon night show”, said: “I have an idea. We import & lsquo; LaiZhu & quot; to make meat floss, and then sell it to the mainland. What do you think?” “the official account of boon night show even aims to attract attention, interact with netizens on this issue, and incite cross-strait antagonism.

Clenbuterol strictly banned in mainland China

Zhu stressed that in order to protect the health of consumers, the mainland has always banned the use of ractopamine in animal breeding and prohibited the import of meat products containing ractopamine. At the same time, because there are highly pathogenic avian influenza and other outbreaks in Taiwan, in order to prevent the risk of epidemic introduction, the mainland strictly forbids the import of meat products produced in Taiwan or transshipped through Taiwan.

Taiwan commonly known as “LaiZhu” and “Lainiu” refer to pigs and beef that are fed with clenbuterol (scientific name: ractopamine). This kind of drug can inhibit the growth of animal fat and increase the output of lean meat, but it can stimulate human heart beat, sweating, muscle tension, etc., and even lead to acute poisoning in serious cases. As early as 2007, the mainland has pointed out that the standard for ractopamine is not to detect it. Once found, all meat and its products containing ractopamine will be destroyed, and the legal responsibilities of sellers and producers will be seriously investigated.

Most western countries explicitly require that the local consumption or processing of clenbuterol products be prohibited. Last year, in order to please the trump administration of the United States, the DPP authorities, regardless of the strong opposition of the mainstream public opinion in Taiwan to the import of American lean meat and lean pork, officially opened the import of American “LaiZhu” to Taiwan this month.

Zhu Fenglian pointed out that in order to prevent meat products from flowing into the mainland market from Taiwan, relevant mainland departments have recently stepped up inspection efforts. Some meat and its products, meat containing food, meat containing condiments, such as meat floss, pork jerky, etc., have been seized by the customs from postal parcels sent to the mainland and luggage of passengers entering the mainland from Taiwan. All of them have been handled in accordance with relevant regulations. If consumers find meat products from Taiwan in the market, they can report to the local regulatory authorities.


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