Italy plans to sue Pfizer for delayed vaccine delivery

Italy plans to sue Pfizer for delayed vaccine delivery

Photo: a 108 year old Italian was vaccinated with the new crown vaccine on the 18th. /Agence France Presse

[Ta Kung Pao] according to BBC, Wall Street Journal and Reuters, Pfizer announced last week that it would slow down the delivery speed of the new crown vaccine in cooperation with biontech, citing the need to revamp the pharmaceutical factory in Belgium, causing dissatisfaction from many European countries. Among them, Italy was cut as much as 29% of its deliveries this week. The Italian government is considering taking Pfizer to court, and the European Union is also asking Pfizer to clarify the shortage of supplies as soon as possible.

Pfizer recently informed the European Union that Europe will face a temporary shortage of vaccine delivery due to the transformation of Belgian pharmaceutical factories. Sweden, Denmark and other six countries wrote to the European Commission on the 15th, demanding that Pfizer and biontech be put under pressure to ensure timely, stable and transparent vaccine delivery.

Italy has threatened judicial action against Pfizer. As of the 21st, Italy had received 1.55 million doses of the vaccine, 82.3% of which had been used. Pfizer cut vaccine deliveries by 29% this week and 20% next week, according to alcuri, Commissioner of the new coronavirus emergency committee. “As of last Saturday, an average of 80000 people were vaccinated every day,” he said. But since then, the number has fallen to about 28000. &”Biontech declined to comment on the Italian government’s accusations, saying the contract for the sale of the vaccine was dose, not bottle count. Czech also said Pfizer’s supply to the country fell 15% this week and is expected to drop 30% in the next two weeks.

On the other hand, a building under construction of the Indian Serum Institute in Pune caught fire on the afternoon of the 21st. Five bodies have been found. At present, the cause of the fire has not been determined, and it is preliminarily inferred that it may be caused by welding. The Serum Institute of India is responsible for the production of Oxford AstraZeneca new crown vaccine. It claims that the monthly production can reach 50 million doses. A person in charge said that the fire will not affect the production of new crown vaccine.


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