Tokyo Olympics open? The economic loss may reach 2.4 trillion yen

According to Kyodo news agency, the countdown to the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games was half a year on the 23rd. Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), said recently that he would decide how to deal with the epidemic at an “appropriate time”. He believed that the Tokyo Olympics may also become an option.

Bach said, “we will decide at the right time what we need to do to deal with the epidemic.”. It’s also about the audience. How many people? Can we let the audience in? & quot; he thinks that opening a match may also be an option.

In October 2020, Bach once gave a negative opinion on the open field. In an interview with Kyodo News Agency on January 21, 2021, he denied that the Tokyo Olympic Games would be cancelled or postponed again, but he said there was no taboo on how to arrange the audience;.

&”All the prospects are good and we are working hard. &”Bach said that preparations are being made for all possible situations from July to August, covering a wide range of areas, and quarantine, testing methods and vaccination are also included as topics for discussion.

According to the estimate data released by Miyamoto Katsuhiro, an honorary professor at Kansai University of Japan, influenced by the expansion of the New Coronavirus epidemic, if the Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games are open, the economic losses will exceed 2 trillion and 400 billion yen (about 150 billion yuan).

This estimate is based on the expected economic effects of the Tokyo Metropolitan preparatory Bureau for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, taking into account various losses. The consumption expenditure of participants, spectators and families is estimated to lose about 719.8 billion yen, and the corresponding loss for one year’s delay is about 640.8 billion yen. The sports revitalization behind the scenes will lose about 1 trillion yen.

According to the estimate in March 2020, if the Olympic Games are cancelled, the economic loss will reach about 4.5 trillion yen.

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