Japanese media: Biden’s diplomacy will be tough and coordinated

According to the Japanese economic news on January 24, US President Biden officially began diplomatic activities on January 22 by telephone with leaders of Canada and Mexico. The new U.S. administration’s diplomacy will turn to maintaining a tough stance while taking into account international coordination.

Biden confirmed in a telephone conversation with Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau on the 22nd that the two sides will strengthen cooperation in the economic and security fields, the report quoted sources from the White House. It was also Biden’s first telephone conversation since taking office, highlighting the new government’s priority in strengthening dialogue with its allies. Biden will also hold telephone talks with leaders of Asia Pacific allies such as Japan, South Korea and Australia in the near future.

According to the report, one of the focuses of US diplomacy is how to deal with China. On the 22nd, the Senate approved Austin’s nomination as defense secretary. At the hearing on the 19th, Austin called China the most worrisome competitor.

According to the report, when dealing with China, the Biden government should not only deepen the cooperation between Japan, the United States, Australia and India, but also eliminate the doubts of other Asian countries about the United States. The so-called “Asia Pacific rebalancing” strategy proposed by the Obama administration to fight against China is accused of lacking maneuverability.


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