Modena said the vaccine was effective against the mutant strain

Modena said the vaccine was effective against the mutant strain

Photo: Lopez announced the diagnosis of new coronavirus infection on the 24th. /Reuters

[Ta Kung Pao] according to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, the US pharmaceutical company Modena announced on the 25th that its new coronavirus vaccine & lt; seems & gt; to be effective against the variant of new coronavirus first found in the UK and South Africa. Cautiously, Modena will test whether a second dose of the vaccine improves the immune response. Modena is also developing a new vaccine specifically for the South African variant, which is expected to start testing in a few months.

The variants found in the UK and South Africa are more infectious, and the UK strain may have a higher fatality rate. Modena said on the 25th that the vaccine developed by him has successfully generated neutralizing antibodies against the mutant strain in the laboratory. The antibody level of Modena vaccine against the British strain was the same as that against the common strain, but it was reduced to one sixth of the normal level against the South African strain.

Modner predicted that two full doses of the vaccine would have a protective effect against all existing variants. The company will test whether the second dose of the vaccine can enhance the immune effect. It also plans to test the newly developed vaccine against the South African variant to see if the second dose of the new vaccine can achieve better effect.

On the evening of 24 local time, 67 year old Mexican President Lopez announced that he had tested positive for the new coronavirus and was receiving treatment for his mild symptoms. He will continue to handle official business at the presidential palace, including calling Russian President Vladimir Putin on the 25th to discuss access to Russian vaccines. Lopez has a history of heart disease and hypertension, which is a high-risk group. Mexican Ministry of health officials said that medical staff are closely watching the situation, in case the disease worsens and needs to be hospitalized.


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