U.S. President Biden signed a decree: allowing transgender men to serve in the U.S. military

U.S. President Biden signed an executive order in the White House on the 25th, lifting the relevant policy restrictions of the trump administration and allowing transgender men to serve in the U.S. military.

The Obama administration lifted restrictions on cross gender military participation in 2016. However, after former president trump took office, he re imposed restrictions, not accepting or allowing transgender people to serve in the US military in any capacity.

Biden’s executive order announced the cancellation of the two presidential memoranda of March 2018 and August 2017, and immediately prohibited U.S. soldiers from being involuntarily transferred, expelled, or refused to re-enter or continue to serve because of gender identity or gender identity issues.

In a statement, the White House pointed out that this approach is “correct and in the national interest of the United States.”;. Gender identity should not be an obstacle to military participation. The strength of the United States lies in its diversity. It is better for the army and the country to allow all qualified American soldiers to serve the country, because an inclusive army will be more efficient.

The executive order announced that cross gender soldiers would no longer be required to retire or be treated differently because of gender identity. &”Cross gender soldiers should know that they are accepted by the US military. ”

The White House also cited a comprehensive study by the US Department of defense in 2016, pointing out that allowing transgender people to serve openly in the US military has little impact on combat readiness and medical costs. The study also concluded that the open service of transgender men in the military has no significant impact on US military operational efficiency or unit cohesion.

About 1500 U.S. soldiers have been diagnosed with gender identity anxiety since 2016, the associated press said, citing Pentagon data.

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