Biden: don’t think trump will be convicted, but impeachment “must be carried out”

Biden is reported to have said he does not think 17 Republican senators will vote guilty for trump. If trump has six months left in office, the outcome could be very different, he said. ”

The conviction of an impeached person requires the support of at least two-thirds of the senators. At present, the Democratic Party and the Republican party each control 50 seats in the Senate, which means that the establishment of the impeachment case requires 17 Republican senators to “change hands”;.

Earlier, on January 6, a large number of trump supporters broke through the police blockade and forcibly broke into the Capitol building, resulting in the interruption of the process of verifying the results of the ongoing presidential election.

On January 13, the house of Representatives voted to pass an impeachment clause against trump, accusing him of “sedition.”;. At that time, it was only a week before trump officially stepped down as president of the United States, and he became the first president in American history to be impeached twice by the house of Representatives.

On January 25, the house of representatives sent a writ of impeachment against trump to the Senate, thus starting the impeachment proceedings.


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