Brazil’s president thanks China for vaccine support

Brazil's president thanks China for vaccine support

Photo: on the 15th, family members of patients with Manaus new crown asked for oxygen bottles from a private company. /Reuters

According to CNN, the guardian and Reuters, the number of new confirmed cases in the world is approaching 100 million, and the epidemic situation in Brazil continues to worsen. Manaus, the capital of Amazon state, recently broke out the second wave of epidemic under the influence of the mutant virus. The medical system collapsed and patients died of lack of oxygen. Brazilian president bosonaro, who has always played down the epidemic situation and discredited China’s vaccine, also turned around in the face of boiling public resentment, thanking China for quickly approving the export of vaccine active ingredients on twitter.

As of the 26th, Manaus, with a total population of about 2 million, had nearly 110000 confirmed cases and more than 4800 deaths, accounting for nearly 70% of the whole Amazon state. On the 24th, the guardian described the local tragedy with “outright Massacre” and “horror movie”. Experts from the fiocruz foundation, a Brazilian public health organization, said that the hospital in Manaus is short of oxygen, and the ward has become an “asphyxia room” for patients, so medical staff have to maintain patients’ lives through artificial ventilation.

Seven died in 60 minutes

Amazon governor Lima admits that Amazon, known as “the lung of the earth,” is suffering from severe hypoxia. As early as the 8th, white Martins, the oxygen supplier of Manaus hospital, sent letters to the state and federal governments, warning that there would be a shortage of oxygen. On the 11th, Minister of health pazuelo visited Manaus. On the 12th, the federal government provided some oxygen rations. Brazil’s air force airlifted oxygen cylinders from Sao Paulo to Amazon on the 15th.

However, as soon as pazuello left, Manaus medical system collapsed due to lack of oxygen. At dawn on the 19th, seven people died of hypoxia and asphyxia within 60 minutes in a hospital. A staff member of a clinic said: “there is an atmosphere of disgust, abandonment and despair. &The medical staff of the clinic even began to turn to the gods for help. Family members of patients in the black market to buy oxygen bottles at high prices, and long lines in the street, waiting to buy oxygen. Rodriguez, 49, said he had been in line for more than 12 hours with oxygen bottles. Her family were infected with the new crown, but they could not believe the government and did not want to go to the hospital.

Pazuelo and bosonaro, who have been trying to play down the epidemic situation, have recently attracted fierce criticism from all walks of life, saying that their anti epidemic work is a disaster and vaccination lags far behind other countries. On the 25th, Brazil’s Supreme Court announced an investigation into pazuelo, confirming whether he should bear the responsibility, and asked him to provide testimony to the federal police within five days.

Help Brazil produce 8.5 million doses of vaccine

Bosonaro, who had previously discredited China’s vaccine for many times, suddenly changed his attitude on the same day and sent two tweets in succession to thank the Chinese government for quickly approving the export of active ingredients of vaccine. Bosonaro tweeted: “the Chinese Embassy informed us this morning that 5400 liters of active ingredients of Kexing vaccine have been approved for export to Brazil. They have been sent out and will arrive in a few days. At the same time, the active ingredients of AstraZeneca new crown vaccine are also accelerating approval. &”He went on to say: & lt; thank the Chinese government for its sympathy and the efforts of my ministers. &”According to the Institute of botantan, a medical research institution in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the coming active ingredients of the vaccine are enough for the Institute to produce about 8.5 million doses of the vaccine.

The mutant virus may be able to avoid antibodies

Bosonaro is regarded as a “Hawk” to China and has repeatedly criticized China’s vaccine for no reason before. Now, Brazil, with a total population of 210 million, has more than 217000 people died of the new coronavirus, second only to the United States. Reuters pointed out that Brazil realized that it could only rely almost entirely on the vaccine.

The second wave of Manaus outbreak is likely to be triggered by a variant of the virus that appeared in Brazil last year. On the 14th of this month, Brazilian and British researchers analyzed virus samples from Amazon state and found for the first time that the strain named P.1 may be more infectious than the British and South African variants. On the 25th, the health department of Minnesota confirmed that a resident of Minnesota who had recently visited Brazil was infected with the variant virus, the first case in the United States.

Manaus had its first outbreak in April last year. Experts such as Faria, a virologist at Imperial College London, estimate that about 75% of the residents have been infected with the virus, and optimistically speculate that the mass immunization has been achieved. However, with the second outbreak in Manaus, experts suspect that the mutant virus can “avoid” antibodies, causing large-scale secondary infection and greatly weakening the vaccine effect. Some experts believe that the Manaus epidemic has nothing to do with the new strain, but the natural decline of human immunity. The specific situation needs further study.


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