Russia’s Anti Doping Agency abandons appeal and will miss two Olympic Games

Russia’s Anti Doping Agency announced yesterday that it would no longer appeal against its two-year disqualification from international competitions. With Russia’s statement, the case has finally come to an end. In the next two years, Russia will not be allowed to participate in international sports events such as Tokyo Olympic Games, Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Qatar world cup.

In December 2019, the World Anti Doping Agency announced a four-year ban on Russia for tampering with Anti Doping laboratory data. Subsequently, Russia refused to accept the World Anti Doping Agency’s ruling and appealed to the International Court of arbitration for sports.

On December 17 last year, the International Court of arbitration for sport announced to maintain the World Anti Doping Agency’s ban on Russia, but the ban period was shortened from the original four years to two years, from December 17, 2020 to December 16, 2022 when the ruling was issued. During the penalty period, Russia is not allowed to participate in any international sports competitions in the name of the country, including the postponed Tokyo Olympic Games, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the 2022 Qatar world cup. Russia can not hold or apply to hold international sports events. Russian athletes can only compete in a neutral capacity, can not raise the Russian flag, and can not play the Russian National Anthem.

Since then, whether the Russian side will appeal to the Swiss Supreme Court has always aroused speculation. In a statement issued yesterday, the Russian Anti Doping Agency still expressed strong dissatisfaction with the decision of the international sports arbitration tribunal. We strongly oppose the so-called data manipulation investigation accusation. In the view of the Russian Anti Doping Agency, this is based on a flawed and one-sided assessment of the facts. Russia’s Anti Doping Agency will continue to defend the rights of innocent Russian athletes and oppose any form of discrimination against Russian sports. ”

As for the final decision not to appeal to the Swiss Supreme Court, the Russian Anti Doping Agency said in a statement that it was for the interests of Russian athletes and Russian sports.

Previously, the Russian athletes committee had proposed to the Russian Olympic Committee to replace the Russian national anthem with the song “Katyusha” at the Olympic Games. Russian sports minister matisin also agreed, saying: “this song has a long tradition in the former Soviet Union and Russia, is widely known in the world, and is closely related to our country. This proposal was affirmed by the athletes. I respect this and support it. ”


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