Biden’s new deal / Biden signs anti discrimination ban to stigmatize new crown

Biden's new deal / Biden signs anti discrimination ban to stigmatize new crown

Photo: US President Biden delivered a speech at the White House on racial discrimination and other issues on the 26th. /Agence France Presse

[Ta Kung Pao] comprehensive The Associated Press and American Broadcasting Company reported that US President Biden signed a memorandum on the 26 day, condemning discrimination and exclusionary acts against Asian Pacific American ethnic groups in COVID-19, calling it &ldquo and &rdquo. Biden said that the novel coronavirus pneumonia’s actions, including the COVID-19’s regional links, played a role in promoting these xenophobia. He ordered the federal agencies to inspect official documents and statements, and to prohibit the mention of new crown pneumonia with the source of disease.

Although the memorandum did not name the former president trump and China, trump used the stigmatized words such as “Chinese virus”, “Chinese plague” and “Kung Fu flu” many times during his term of office, in order to shirk his responsibility and shift the focus. Former Secretary of state Pompeo and other senior officials and a number of Republican congressmen also agreed with this view. China immediately expressed its firm opposition to this and urged the US side to stop its groundless accusations against China. Biden’s ban also means that the above behavior will not be accepted by the new US government.

Hong Kong’s yellow media are unrepentant

As early as 2015, the who said that new human diseases should be named after socially acceptable names. They should not be offensive to people or countries, nor should they use animal names. Last February, who officially named the virus as cowid-19, commonly known as the new coronavirus. The director general of who, Mr. Tam Desai, stressed that it is important to name diseases and avoid using other inaccurate or stigmatized names.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, many governments around the world have opposed the practice of linking the new coronavirus with geographical names. Only some Hong Kong & lt; yellow Media & gt; and Taiwan authorities and media, despite repeated opposition from the World Health Organization, have deliberately used such expressions as & lt; Wuhan pneumonia & gt; for a long time, and are proud of former US President trump & gt; taking the lead. It is reported that when referring to the news that Biden signed the memorandum on the 26th, some Taiwan media deliberately ignored the statement that discriminatory appellations should no longer be used to address the new coronavirus, and still used such appellations as “Wuhan pneumonia”.

Asian Americans encounter double discrimination

According to a report released by the United Nations in October last year, hate crimes against Asian Americans in the United States have reached a “shocking” level. From March to may 2020, this report alone listed more than 1800 incidents of racial violence against Asian Americans, which coincided with the spread of the epidemic in the United States. In contrast, during the epidemic period, about 2 million Asian American medical workers and emergency workers were on the front line to help the dying and the wounded.

Biden said in the memorandum that during the epidemic period, inflammatory and xenophobic remarks put people of Asian Pacific descent, families, communities and businesses at risk. The U.S. government must realize that government leaders’ use of place names to refer to viruses has incited unwarranted fear and stigmatization against Asian Pacific descent, leading to an increase in bullying, harassment and hate crimes against Asian Pacific descent.

Biden stressed that racial discriminatory language should not be used to describe the new coronavirus, and asked all departments and agencies of the federal government to take measures to ensure that there will be no racial discrimination and xenophobic feelings against the Asian Pacific people in official activities, documents and statements; he also asked the judicial institutions to strengthen cooperation with the Asian Pacific community to prevent and combat discrimination, bullying and discrimination against the Asian Pacific people Harassment and hate crimes.

After Biden signed the memorandum on the 26th, the “stop hatred against Asian Americans” organization established in March last year pointed out that since the outbreak, thousands of Asian Americans have reported suffering from hatred and violence, and most of them live in fear. &”What is most disturbing is that the racist and xenophobic remarks of the former president, as well as a series of policies and actions implemented by the government against our community, have contributed to the increase of hatred. ”

Cynthia Choi, head of the Chinese American affirmative action group, said Asian Americans faced multiple blows in the epidemic. In addition to the threat of viruses, hate crimes against Asian American communities have increased, and the business volume of Asian American businesses has declined dramatically due to discrimination;.


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