Expert netizens denounce “poison media”

Netizens criticize Hong Kong & lt; yellow Media & gt;

What are the advantages of using this name in addition to creating conflicts?

Netizen Shi Wei

When almost all the world’s official media have adopted the name of who, Taiwan’s media are either stupid or bad. Foreign countries discriminate against the Chinese or Asians, treat them as viruses, abuse them or even beat them in the street. Do you think you can stay out of the trouble and gloat for those Taiwanese with ulterior motives who have a yellow face and are also Chinese?

Netizen Yan Dongyu

Isn’t this the consistent practice of Taiwan’s green media to create hatred?

Professor Luo Shihong, Department of communication, Chung Cheng University, Taiwan

The wording of the media is very influential and easy to incite emotions.

Ta Kung Pao


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