Trump is unlikely to be convicted

Trump is unlikely to be convicted

Photo: 100 U.S. senators officially took over Trump’s impeachment case on the 26th. /Associated Press

[Ta Kung Pao] according to the associated press and NBC, 100 U.S. senators took an oath on the 26th to form a jury to formally take over the impeachment case against former president trump. Republican Senator Rand Paul proposed a motion saying trump still faces impeachment after leaving office, which violates the U.S. Constitution. Although the Senate ultimately vetoed the motion 55-45, only five Republican senators voted against it. The result indicates that the Senate may not have enough votes to convict trump.

According to the media, the procedural vote shows that the Democrats are facing a tough battle, because at least 17 Republican senators have to defecte to reach the threshold of more than two-thirds of the Senate and successfully impeach trump. In the outpost battle on the 26th, 45 Republicans, including Senate Republican leader McConnell, stood in front of the Democrats It’s the opposite of.

Paul, who moved the motion, said 45 senators agreed that such a false “trial” was unconstitutional. Schumer, the Democratic leader in the Senate, retorts that the theory that the Senate cannot try former officials is equivalent to giving a constitutional immunity card to any president who has committed impeachable crimes. ”

80 year old Senate provisional speaker and Democrat Leahy was hospitalized for observation due to physical discomfort after presiding over the voting on the same day, but was soon discharged from hospital.

According to the previous agreement between the democratic and Republican parties, the formal hearing of the impeachment case, including the statements of the prosecution and the defense, will begin as soon as the week of February 8. In the next two weeks, the Senate will focus on examining and approving the cabinet nomination of new President Biden.

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