Bosonaro: “Brazil is bankrupt, there’s nothing I can do”

Rio de Janeiro reported on January 5 that Brazilian president Javier & middot; bosonaro said on January 5 local time that Brazil has fallen into bankruptcy and he can do nothing about it. Bozo Nalo also said that novel coronavirus pneumonia caused the economic impact, and the media’s propaganda and influence led to a worsening of the crisis.

Speaking to some supporters at the presidential palace Alvorada, bosonaro said: “Brazil is bankrupt. There’s nothing I can do. I want to revise the income tax form, but I can’t help it. ”

Asked if the government had no intention of extending the payment period of subsidies to help vulnerable groups alleviate the impact of the epidemic, bosonaro mentioned Brazil’s grim economic situation. It is understood that the subsidy benefits about 60 million unemployed, unemployed and poor people.

The report noted that in the first few months, the subsidy was R $1200 per month, but it fell to half from October to December last year. Faced with the difficult situation of national public accounts, the Brazilian government has no intention to continue to provide subsidies.

Bosonaro said another way to help Brazilian families in the current situation is to reduce income taxes, and he also mentioned the commitment made during the election campaign to increase the proportion of Brazilians who are exempt from income taxes. With novel coronavirus pneumonia causing a reduction in state taxes and increased public spending, Bozo Nalo’s commitment is not yet possible.

When asked about the reasons for the severe economic situation, bosonaro said: “our media, weak media, has helped to fuel the arrogance of the virus. ”


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