“Global connection” is the global consultation, and Xi Jinping has set out a good recipe for China.

Just the past year

Mankind has experienced multiple crises rarely seen in history

How to join hands to fight the epidemic and promote the recovery of the world economy

How to deal with global challenges together

The world needs systematic solutions

From January 25 to 29, the “Davos agenda” dialogue of the world economic forum was held online with the theme of “seize the critical year and rebuild the trust of all parties”. More than 1500 leaders of government, business and social organizations from more than 70 countries and regions around the world discussed major events together. President Xi Jinping attended the meeting in a video format and delivered a special speech entitled “let the torch of multilateralism illuminate the way forward for mankind”, which provides a good recipe for China to tackle challenges in the “crucial year”.

As the first cloud diplomatic conference in the new year, what is special about the “Davos agenda” dialogue? What is China’s solution to the global problem of consultation? We contacted Han Chong, a reporter from the European branch of Xinhua news agency, and Gao Fei, vice president of the Foreign Affairs College, for interpretation. Watch the top video of this issue of global connect.


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