2021, they in the world, their wish

They’re staff, they’re technicians, they’re angels in white

It’s a worker, it’s a student, it’s a shopkeeper

A farmer, a scholar, a project manager


Day after day, for their own small ideal

Work hard and move forward

2021, they in the world, their wish

Mexico farmer Barrios tells the story of his family against COVID-19.

2021, they in the world, their wish

Klock, a professor at University of Reading, tells the story of COVID-19’s influence on her work,

In the past year, COVID-19 has come suddenly.

They were forced to deviate from their familiar life path

Some people are even infected with the new coronavirus

2020, a grey year in memory

2021, they in the world, their wish

Difficulties will pass and the future will come

In the new year, they are eager to return to normal life

Family reunion, happiness and health

In the new year, they hope to make more progress

Academic progress and career advancement

In the new year, they are looking forward to the development of their country

The world is peaceful and the people are rich

In the new year, they hope that the world can get out of the epidemic haze

Rejuvenate and see sunshine again

They believe that the new year is better than the old

2021, they in the world, their wish

Basson, a doctor at the Clinical Hospital of the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, talks about his expectations for vaccines

Their wish

Hope for health and safety

Their voice

Calling for love and hope

They are us

How I want to make you happy

These aspirations are in 2021

One by one

Planning: Chen Zhi

Producer: Xie Peng, Han Mo

Coordinator: Wang Zhao, Zhang Ying, Chen Jing, Su Liang, Liu Xue

Reporter: Xiong Sihao, Zhang Xiuzhi, Wu Hao, Zhang Jiye

Zhang Jiawei Jin Jing Tang Lu Gong Ruohan Zhu Xiaoguang Zhang Xiao

Zhang ruoxuan, Zheng Yangzi, Zhang Jianhua, SANA Kadir

Grabovica ospanov javisdu Dapeng Montoya

Video production: Yuan Yue

Editor: Xie Lin, Jin Zheng, Zhou Xiaotian

[correction] [editor in charge: Liu Xin Hou Qiang]


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